Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
World | By Paul Elliott

PM Modi launches TB Free India Campaign

PM Modi launches TB Free India Campaign

Ministers of Health and high-level dignitaries from the ASEAN and African countries, Health Ministers of Indian states, the WHO Director-General, heads of other global agencies, as well as officers, volunteers and the private sector involved in eradicating TB are participating. Had we continued at the same pace, it would have taken us another 40 years to achieve the target.

TB was responsible for 1.7 million deaths in 2016, despite most cases being curable. He said the Government is working comprehensively towards this goal.

After inaugurating End-TB Summit in Delhi, the prime minister launched the TB-free India Campaign to take the activities under the National Strategic Plan for TB Elimination forward in a mission approach for ending the outbreak by 2025.

Highlighting that most of TB's victims are poor, the PM said that the measures taken to eliminate TB will have a bearing on the lives of the poor.

The ministry is co-hosting the summit with World Health Organization and Stop TB Partnership. He said that today's welcome given by the people of Varanasi to Macron will inspire each and every French to think about visiting this city. "The pace of the immunisation coverage earlier was inching ahead by just a percent".

Last month, in his budget speech, the finance minister had also announced an additional allocation of Rs 600 crore for providing TB patients Rs 500 every month as "nutritional support" during the course of their treatment. "Community engagement is the hallmark and it is becoming a social movement to End TB in India".

Targeting the previous governments, Modi said the immunisation programme has been going on for the last 30-35 years and despite this the country could not achieve the target of a complete coverage till 2014.

"Even the most hard of things can be achieved, but for that we need to fix a target". This plan is backed by a historic funding of over 12,000 crore rupees for the next three years.

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